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Year 5

No Pens Day Wednesday. Year 5 looked at Leonardo Da Vinci's drawing entitled 'Vitruvian Man'. We then used maths skills to investigate statements in order to find out if we have anybody in the class who matches the description.

Working in teams, we used our orienteering skills to find flags around the school.

We have been using EV3 Mindstorm to program our own models.

As part of our Ancient Greece topic we tried some traditional Greek foods.

Welcome to Year 5!


Welcome back to school Year 5. This year your teacher is Mrs Nash. You will also have Mrs Jennings and Mrs Reynolds to help you out in class.

This term we will be looking at Ancient Greece which will involve creating a Greek layer cake and making our own Greek pots!
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Year 5 had great fun making our own edible timeline in the form of a Greek layer cake. Each layer represented one of the four eras of Greek pottery.

For our science lesson we created the Earth, Moon and Sun to scale, measuring the distances in between.