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Award Winners

Every week, in Achievement Assembly on Friday, we recognise the success that children have had in their learning by awarding the Headteacher's Award to one child per class. We invite their parents into assembly to see them receive this special award. Here are our Headteacher Award winners this year...You all make us proud!

15 July 2016

Our final Headteacher Award winners are THE BEST! Well done to Jake, Maisy, Rayan, Kiera, Tia, Emma and Eden.

The Courtesy Award goes to Maria Rojas-Rosales.



8 July 2016

Our Headteacher Award winners are FABULOUS indeed. Well done to Eli, Daniel, Jamie, Joao, Oscar, Isabel and James.

The Courtesy Award goes to Honor Borley.



1 July 2016

Well done to our Headteacher Award winners (Leo, Katie, Chanel, Lilly, Isabella and Ava) who are total super...



The Courtesy Award goes to Myles Godfrey.


24 June 2016

Well done to this week's AWESOME Headteacher Award winners: James, Rhys, Izzy, Fenneh, Ella, Lauren and Pietra.


The Courtesy Award goes to Alexandra Strauswald.



17 June 2016

We are all feeling inspired by this week's Headteacher Award winners: Oliver, George, Olivia, Macey, Storm, Rayan and Luke. Well done to you all. 


The Courtesy Award goes to Emanuella Vandenberg. 



10th June 2016

Our Headteacher Award winners make us rejoice: Lauren, Abhinav, Caius, Scarlet, Hugo and Anya.

The Courtesy Award goes to Athena Louca.

27 May 2016

Our Headteacher Award winners are a delight: Ellen, Isla, Amisha, Callum, Leila, Joe and Danny.

The Courtesy Award goes to Josh Sims.


20 May 2016

Our DIVINE Headteacher Award winners are: Ciara, Alfie, Liam, Caitlin, Eva, Caisey and Nathanael.

The Courtesy Award goes to James Sargeant.


13 May 2016

We are blessed with wonderful Headteacher Award winners again: Frank, Johnny, Rishi, Shay, Marianne, Olivia and Thomas.

The Courtesy Award goes to Megan Bonehill.


6 May 2016

Our Headteacher Award winners this week are magical: Dante, Lucas, Max, Isha, Mary, Angelina, Harnam and Elli-Mai.

The Courtesy Award goes to Jack Malloy-Allen.

29 April 2016

Our IMMENSE Headteacher Award winners this week are: Mia, Cohen, Amelia, Ava, Jamie-Lee and Yuvraaj.

The Courtesy Award goes to Sofia Fragola.

22 April 2016

Our wonderful Headteacher Award winners this week are truly a gift: Denver, Brian, Conor, Jessica, Jose-Ignacio, Mia and May. Also in the picture is Mr Adam Hardy, Director of Education for the Archdiocese of Birmingham, who visited our school today.

The Courtesy Award goes to Aeron Murphy.

8 April 2016

Our ACE Headteacher Award winners this week are: Willow, Dominic, Eadie, Krish, Koen, Megan and Taya.

The Courtesy Award goes to Ella Carson.

18th March 2016

HOORAY for our Headteacher Award winners this week! The pupils are: Gabriella, Lilly, Lily, Bethany, Archie and Archie!

The Courtesy Award goes to Joseph Deeley-Tham.


11th March 2016

Well done to our WONDERFUL Headteacher Award winners this week. The pupils are: Cohen, Evie, Honor, Hugo, Susie, Alice, Matthew and Ben.

The Courtesy Award goes to Katie Ashfield.


4th March 2016

We're so happy for our Headteacher Award winners. Well done to: Niamh, Jamie, Mahin, Anna, Ruby and Melissa.

The Courtesy Award goes to Mary Duffy.


29th February 2016

Congratulations Headteacher Award winners. Well done to: Isabelle, Orla, Niamh, Rosie, Kitty, Karan and Oliver.

The Courtesy Award goes to Evie Cullinane.


5th February 2016

With our special visitor into assembly this week, Chris White MP, our Headteacher Award winners this week are tip-top. Well done! 

Congratulations to: Milla, Lana, Krish, Hannah, Sean, Emmanuella and Joseph Deeley Tham.

The Courtesy Award goes to Mia Cancilla.



29th January 2016

Our Headteacher Award winners this week are totally groovy. Well done! 

Congratulations to: Thomas, Maisy-May, Marley, Aeron, Angelina, James and Andrew.

The Courtesy Award goes to Rayan Khan.


22nd January 2016

We are celebrating the HEAVENLY achievements of our Headteacher Award winners. Well done! 

Congratulations to: Kajetan, Shaun, Olivia, Sofia, Eve, Julia, William and Tanishq.

The Courtesy Award goes to Maisy Quirke.

15th January 2016

Our "brill" Headteacher Award winners. Well done! 

Congratulations to: Matteo, Kai, Lexi, Mollie, Jake and Daniel.

The Courtesy Award goes to Nathanael Warne.

8th January 2016

Our superb Headteacher Award winners...the first of 2016. 

Congratulations to: Connor, Aniket, Ava, Ryan, Santino, Jayden and Benjamin.

The Courtesy Award goes to Joseph Deeley Tham.


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11th December 2015
Our last Headteacher Award winners of 2015!
Congratulations to: Jamie, Katie, Jack, Athena, Izzy, Caitlin and Luke.
The Courtesy Award goes to Lilly Jorgensen.

4th December 2015

Our Headteacher Award winners are seriously fabulous! The first photo attempt is on Twitter...

Congratulations to: Jamie, Abigail, Lauren, Mia, Emily, Harleen and Oliver.

The Courtesy Award goes to Rhys Cooper.

27th November 2015

Our Headteacher Award winners...

Congratulations to: Jamie, Scarlett, Jayden, Dante, Christina, Nicole and Violet.

The Courtesy Award goes to Jake Monastero.

20th November 2015

We are rocking it this week! This week's Headteacher Award winners are: Eve, Paven, Yuvraaj, Niamh, Joshua, Philip and Finlay. 

The Courtesy Award goes to George Kearns.


13th November 2015

Top marks this week for our Headteacher Award winners.

Congratulations to: Santino, Salvio, Thomas, Abigail, Bexie, Harriet and Dominic.

The Courtesy Award goes to Willow Graham.

6th November 2015

We're reaching for the stars this week with our Headteacher Award winners.

Congratulations to: William, Sofia, Tommy, James, Tom, May and Isabel.

The Courtesy Award goes to Diego Rojas Rosales.

23rd October 2015

This week's Headteacher Award winners are **unbelievably wonderful.

Congratulations to: Joseph, Cian, Emily, Zuzanna, Reece, Jayden-James and Louisa.

The Courtesy Award goes to Anya Roberts.

16th October 2015

This week's Headteacher Award winners are so happy they are jumping for joy. They're "Simply the best!"

Congratulations to: Millie, Reece, Anna, Harry, Marty, Eli and Eliza.

The Courtesy Award goes to Maisie Quirke.


9th October Headteacher Award Winners:

This week Sophie, Maria, Isabella, Mia, Ciara, Thomas, Corey and Amy have been chosen for a Headteacher's Award. A picture speaks a thousand words (or just one in this case).


Congratulations also to Chanel Danes for winning the Courtesy Cup.



2nd October 2015 Headteacher Award winners are:

Well done to Gurkirat, Tia, Alfie, Alex, Izzy and Regimantas. We're very proud of you and you couldn't be more epic!


The Courtesy Cup goes to Ava Coombes.



Friday 25th September Headteacher Award winners:

Well done to Jack, Charlie, Liam, Ryan, Charlotte, Diego and Megan.


The Courtesy Cup goes to Caitlin Borley.



The first Headteacher's Award and Courtesy Award winners:


Well done to ALL the children in school who have won the courtesy award because EVERYONE has been so polite and courteous to me since I started.


Well done to Florence, Emma, Lili, Cormac, Freya, Nathan and Eva for being awarded the Headteacher's Award this week 18th September. You are...