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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see details of our admission arrangements below. The admissions process is part of the Warwickshire LA co-ordinated scheme.

Please read our Admissions Policy carefully, including the section about the Supplementary Information Form (which must be returned directly to the school). Please don't hesitate to contact the school office to discuss this further.

Parish Boundaries

Applications for a place in Reception


To apply for a place for your child to begin Reception in September 2022 please click here. Your child will be due to start Reception in September 2021 if they were born between 01.09.2017 and 31.08.2018. All applications will be handled by Warwickshire LA Admissions Service. The deadline for making an on-time application is 15 January 2022. Key information about applying for a place at St Joseph's is detailed below. The Local Authority will liaise with the Governing Body as required.

Applications other than the normal intake to Reception class (In-year applications)


An application should be made to the local authority who will need to consult with the governors. Click here to access the Warwickshire LA Admissions pages.

Applying for a place at Secondary School or Grammar School


Details about the application process for transition to secondary school can be found here along with the registration pages.

Parents and Carers who want to enter their child to sit the 11+ entrance tests for Warwickshire Grammar Schools should submit applications using the Local Authority's online application facility. Click here for instructions and application forms.


A “Baptised Catholic” is one who:

  • Has been baptised into full communion with the Catholic Church by the Rites of Baptism of one of the various ritual Churches in communion with the See of Rome. Written evidence of this baptism can be obtained by recourse to the Baptismal Registers of the church in which the baptism took place.


  • Has been validly baptised in a separated ecclesial community and subsequently received into full communion with the Catholic Church by the Rite of Reception of Baptised Christians into the Full Communion of the Catholic Church. Written evidence of their Baptism and Reception into full communion with the Catholic Church can be obtained by recourse to the Register of Receptions, or in some cases, a sub-section of the Baptismal Registers of the church in which the Rite of Reception took place.