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Mission Statement

We pray our school will be a place of great discovery, creativity and adventure. Where we learnt to love and love to learn, a place where everyone is respected and all are deeply valued. We ask all this in Jesus Christ our Lord.




Our curriculum

Our Curriculum is based upon three pillars that shape pupils’ thinking within each subject. These pillars will be explored in every year group and pupils will gradually increase their understanding of them. The Pillars of our Curriculum: “Live Wisely, Think Deeply, Love Generously” These pillars are explored within a breadth of different contexts so that it is meaningful and tangible.


Learning is designed so that prior knowledge is always built upon and understanding of the pillars develops sequentially across KS1 and KS2. In this way we can clearly see the progression of understanding, skills and knowledge acquisition. The breadth of our curriculum is designed with two goals in mind: to provide a rich ‘cultural capital’ and to provide a coherent, structured and academic curriculum that leads to ‘sustained mastery’ for all.


Our Long Term Plan provides contexts for exploring the pillars. In order for these concepts to make sense our children must acquire knowledge first. The contexts in our curriculum give our children subject specific knowledge with which to think about the pillars of our curriculum. God’s teachings are the foundational pillars for our whole curriculum. The Catholic Social Teachings (CST) of the church are our moral compass, guiding us on how to live out our faith in the world. CST inspires us to see every person as a child of God and Pope Francis calls us to collectively protect our common home. This curriculum ensures our pupils leave St Joseph’s with a love of the Word of God, the desire and ability to think deeply about issues near to and far from our school community and a passionate understanding of how to live sustainably, working actively to improve all these for the common good.


Long Term Plan 2023- 2024

Using 'Kapow Primary' skill lessons and resouces

 Autumn Spring Summer 
ReceptionDrawing: Marvellous MarksPainting and mixed media: Paint my world Sculpture and 3D: Creation Station
Year 1Drawing: make your markPainting and mixed media: Colour splashSculpture and 3D: paper play
Year 2Drawing: Tell a storyPainting and mixed media: Life in colourSculpture and 3D: Clay houses
Year 3Painting and mixed media: Prehistoric paintingSculpture and 3D: Abstract shape and spaceDrawing: Growing artists
Year 4Drawing: Power printsPainting and mixed media: light and darkSculpture and 3D: Mega materials
Year 5Drawing: I need spacePainting and mixed media: PortraitsSculpture and 3D: Interactive installation 
Year 6Drawing: Make my voice hearPainting and mixed media: artist studySculpture and 3D: making memories


Alongside the weekly Creative lessons, each half term there will be an Artist spotlight.

Our Art Ambassadors will shortly meet to select the global and modern day artists we will celebrate for Spring 2 and Summer Terms.  

 Artist spotlight 
Autumn 1Michelangelo
Autumn 2Maria Sibylla Merian
Spring 1Thomas Gainsborough
Spring 2TBC
Summer 1TBC
Summer 2TBC


Three Pillars of our curriculum 

Live Wisely

  • Promote the importance of the Arts and encourage the children to understand the value that is has in their own lives physically, socially and emotionally. 


Think Deeply

  • Explore job opportunities through Art – illustrator, photographer, graphic designer, printmaker .
  • Provide experiences to explore what we see around us – the awe, wonder of nature and our magnificent world.
  • Wonder at our many different interpretations of works of Art and how we can often see and feel differently to others about it.
  • Discuss works of Art and artists that portray world events and issues, generating questions raised from these ideas and allowing time to discuss.
  • Use pieces of Art that enable the children to express and talk about their own feelings, emotions and problems.


Love Generously 

  • Provide experiences to explore the uniqueness of each and every one of us and to celebrate this uniqueness through many forms of Art.
  • Share and evaluate works of Art including their own, learning to analyse and express their opinions, likes and dislikes. In their own and the work of their peers, discuss positively what they did well and how they feel they can improve.
  • Explore Artists from different cultures, genders and social class




Use Art to freely express their own ideas without fear of being wrong building confidence, resilience and character.


Allowing the children time to investigate, practise, evaluate and improve on their pieces of Art. Underpinned by a desire to Serve God in all we do

Art in school