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Year 5

Taking part in Radio 2s live lesson.

Our fabulous new Road Safety Officers gave a brilliant assembly today.

Lots of information.
Goodies and prizes!
Thanks Rosie and Danny.

Drama - we LOVE the Greek myths

We used calculators to solve problems on 'No Pens Day Wednesday'.

It's 'No Pens Day Wednesday' 😀
It was a great morning  which ended with a fantastic Greek feast of olives, bread and cheese. The olives were not very popular!
Our Greek feast.
I like olives.
We love olives
The final verdict on olives!

We had our own Olympics, Ancient Greek-style!

We paraded into the arena.
The balance and grace of the beanbag race.
The long jump.
The javelin
The discus.
The chariot racing.

Welcome to Year 5!

Your fabulous teachers this year will be Mrs Woolley on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and Mrs Kay on Tuesdays. We will be having lots of fun learning about a range of different things, from Ancient Greece to space and the North Pole to Islam.