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Mission Statement

We pray our school will be a place of great discovery, creativity and adventure. Where we learnt to love and love to learn, a place where everyone is respected and all are deeply valued. We ask all this in Jesus Christ our Lord.


Long Term Plan 2023-2024

Using 'Kapow Primary' skill lessons and resources, alongside learning to play an instrument, singing sessions and a music teacher's wealth of experience to cover the national curriculum for Music. 


ReceptionCelebration music Celebration musicCelebration music
Year 1Pitch & tempo: superheroesMusical vocab: Under the seaPulse & rhythm: all about me
Year 2On this island: British songs and soundsAnimalsWest African call and response song: Sierra Leone
Year 3Learning an instrument (ukulele) provided by a specialist music teacherLearning an instrument (ukulele) provided by a specialist music teacherLearning an instrument (ukulele) provided by a specialist music teacher
Year 4

Rock and Roll

Changes in pitch, tempo and dynamics

Year 5 

Musical theatre

South and West Africa

Year 6  

Songs of World War 2



Spotlight Musicians

Our Art Ambassadors will shortly meet to select the global and modern day musicians we will celebrate for Spring 2 and Summer Terms.  



Three Pillars of our Curriculum 


Live Wisely

  • When learning an instrument, learning a new song, performing or composing, children show commitment and resilience in their work.
  • Children take up new instruments in school and practise at home, inspired by role-models in school.


Think Deeply

  • Children learn about key song words from the Bible and how these are represented in Hymn books and songs we sing for worship today.
  • Children are given many, wide-ranging opportunities to find out about new instruments, read books about composers and experience life performances, both in school and with professional musicians.
  • In the curriculum, we give exciting opportunities to compose, perform, evaluate and listen to a wide-range of historical and contemporary music.
  • Listen to a range of music and discuss authorial intent. Talking partners to evaluate music, open opportunities to discuss and enjoy music. 


Love Generously 

  • Live out the values when sharing, singing and praising in class, on the playground and in assemblies.
  • We find out about musicians and composers from many walks of life, representing all sectors of society and every race and gender.




Children learn how playing an instrument or singing helps them to cope better with all the other aspects of their learning, building confidence and resilience


Underpinned by a desire to Serve God in all we do. 

Our wonderful Music