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Year 3

Hello Year 3, if you want to contact Miss Jewsbury...

...just pop me a message and I will reply Monday-Friday.

Hello Year 3!


If you are unable to access the school blogging site, I have uploaded some files which might be helpful for you. 


Doodlemaths- I will assign challenges daily for you to complete. 

Spelling shed- I have uploaded the next spelling and have uploaded the files (in a powerpoint) below. For some reason, the lists don't seem to match up, don't worry I'm working on it to try and solve it! 



Quarantine project Y3

This spring our new topic is 'Land of Hope and Glory'. During this topic we will look at how the United Kingdom has changed over time. 


We will look at:

Human features, including:

  • Countries and capitals of the UK
  • Major transport links (With a trip in February to the Transport Museum)
  • UK's ancient castles and monasteries and geographical reasons why 
  • differences between urban and rural areas 
  • Effects of storms and flooding in recent years


Physical features, including:

  • Major mountains 
  • Places of beauty (Lake District, Giant's Causeway and Loch Ness)
  • Long and local rivers, including the journey of the river from the source to mouth


Changes that have taken place over time, such as:

  • Industrial past, railways, ship buildings, coal mining, textile industry
  • Industrial parks, such as the Olympics have helped to regenerate areas
  • Comparing cultures with some European countries. 
  • Commonwealth

Welcome to Year 3!

Welcome to Year 3!  1

Coventry Transport Musuem

Marvelous Maths Working Wall



  • We now no longer have swimming, the children will next take part in swimming with school in Year 5 
  • We expect the children to go on Doodle Maths and Spelling Shed every day. Please let Miss Jewsbury know if you can not log in. 
  • This term (Spring) we will be reading The Butterfly Lion, by Michael Morpurgo