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Online Safety

Our Online Safety Committee 2020 - 21

Online Safety Squad

Our Online Safety Squad was designed by the pupils of St Joseph's. You will see them displayed around school to always remind us to be safe, be smart and be wise when we are online.

Our Online Committee and the Onine Safety Squad flying through Cyber Space

We are Online Safety Superheroes!

Still image for this video

Online Safety never fear.

Safety Squad is always here!

When we don't know what to do,

They can always give a clue.


Owl is here to keep us wise,

Deal with problems any size.

Remind us to be kind online,

Not just sometimes but all the time.


'Be safe' is the rule from Key,

My secret password is just for me.

To be smart we use our Brain,

From chatting to strangers we must restrain.


Online Safety never fear,

Safety Squad is always here!


Written by Year 2


Online Safety at home and at school

At St Joseph’s we work in partnership with pupils, staff, governors, parents and the wider community to ensure that everyone stays safe when using the Internet and other technologies.


Staff and governors receive training, parents and members of the Whitnash community are offered annual meetings and pupils are given at least one Online Safety lesson every half term as well as attending Online Safety assemblies and celebrating ‘Safer Internet Day’.

All pupils, staff and parents are asked to sign an ‘Acceptable Use Agreement’, which helps to strengthen this partnership. By signing an AUA, the person is agreeing to the Online Safety rules that we follow at school. For those that follow the rules, there are rewards such as special Online Safety stickers, an Online Safety certificate and house points as well as the ability to stay safe online! However, there are consequences in line with the school’s behaviour policy if these rules are broken.

In addition, St Joseph's has it's very own Online Safety committee. It has a wide representation of stakeholders including a pupil from each class, Mr Hussey (Online Safety coordinator), Mrs Coombes (Online Safety governor), Mrs Sims (staff representative) and Mrs Kearns (staff representative). The pupils are voted in at the beginning of the new academic year and have a very important job in leading Online Safety at school. 

Due to the hard work and dedication of the pupils and staff, in July 2014, we were awarded the prestigious 360 degree safe award, which recognises the school’s high standards of Online Safety within the school and local community. When we achieved the award, our assessor, Jane Key, stated that, "The committee is the most impressive group I’ve come across," and we strive to maintain this high standard. Three years have passed and we are currently working to achieve this award again.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding Online Safety, please come into school and speak to our Headteacher, Mrs Wallace, or Mr Hussey, who is the Online Safety coordinator. We have a duty to investigate incidents of unsafe and unacceptable use of technologies whether these happen during school time or out of school.


Rules for Foundation Stage and Key Stage One

  • I only use the Internet and email with an adult.

  • I can click on the icons or links when I know they are safe.

  • If I see something I don’t like on the screen, I turn off the monitor and tell an adult.

  • I can send and open emails with an adult.

  • I always write polite and friendly messages.


Rules for Key Stage Two

  • I ask permission before using the Internet.

  • I tell an adult if I see anything I am uncomfortable with.

  • If I find a webpage that I am not sure about, I will turn off the monitor and tell an adult immediately.

  • I only send polite and friendly messages.

  • I only e-mail and message people an adult has approved.

  • I never give out personal information or passwords.

  • I never arrange to meet anyone I don’t know.



  • Verbal Praise

  • Special Online Safety sticker

  • House Points

  • Special Online Safety award in assembly

  • Letter sent home to Parents



  1. Warning

  2. Time out away from the computer

  3. Behaviour journal

  4. Sent to Mrs Wallace

  5. Parents contacted

  6. Inform appropriate authority, for example Warwickshire County Council or the Police