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Music at St Joseph’s

Music at St Joseph's is to a very high standard. We are very lucky to have Mrs Burke, a music specialist, come into school and work with every child from Reception class all the way through to Year 6.
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Mrs Burke teaches music in a variety of ways. Children throughout the school have hymn practices each week and we have a stunning school choir. Children receive music lessons that focus on the theory of music and composition.


Leamington Spa branch of Comhaltas (Irish Musicians Association)

Leamington Spa branch of Comhaltas (Irish Musicians Association) 1
Leamington Spa branch of Comhaltas (Irish Musicians Association) 2

Children, mainly from St. Joseph’s, meet every Friday (after school) to learn Irish Traditional Music on a variety of instruments.  At the moment, the children are learning the button accordion, fiddle, whistle, flute and mandolin.


The children are all members of the Leamington Comhaltas branch which is part of a very large organisation which has many branches in Britain, obviously lots and lots of branches in Ireland and also branches in America, Australia and beyond.


The children are taught by Mrs Burke and members of her family and they get a lot of opportunities to perform throughout the year.  Many of the children take part in competitions and up to date have been very successful.  A lot of the children have had the opportunity to play in the All Ireland having qualified through from the All Britain.


Most importantly, it is a social occasion where children can learn tunes and play together and then meet and play music with children everywhere who are learning Irish traditional music.


There are many of St. Joseph’s children who have now left, but still attend the classes on a Friday evening.  Children are invited to start in Year 3 and the eldest student in the class at the moment is seventeen years of age.

Additionally, we offer a variety of music lessons to many pupils in school. We currently offer Woodwind on a Tuesday and Strings on a Thursday. Our children make excellent progress in their music lessons and we enjoy celebrating their success.