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Year 1

The wonderful adults in Year 1 (2023-2024)

Autumn learning in Year 1

We pray our school will be a place of great Discovery

History. Computing. Science 


In History, Year 1 learnt about Nurturing nurses. They have found out about some significant people from the past and how they have helped us learn more about helping others in the future. They have learnt about Florence Nightingale and have created a lantern out of paper to help the soliders in the war. They have worked in teams to answer quiz questions about Mary Seacole. They have acted in the role of Edith Cavell to help appreciate how hard it would've been for her to have been arrested and help others in the war. 


Next, Year 1 enjoyed a spectacular performance from the Trunk Theatre company who retold the story of the Gun Powder plot. The children were amazing to hear how Guy Fawkes and the plotters planned to blow up the houses of Parliament and kill the King. The King had been very mean to Catholics. 


Mrs Farrington has been teaching Computing. They have been learning about cursers and how to control the mouse using chromebooks. 


In Science, the children have been discovering about different properties of materials as well as the different changes that happen in the seasons. 

We pray our school will be a place of great Creativity 

Music. Art. Design Technology. 


In Music we were inspired by the Supertato book and decided to transform ourselves into Superheros! After listening to some music from Superhero films we noticed that the pitch changed. We showed that the pitch was high by moving our hand up, and the pitch was low by moving our hand down. Some music was fast, other music was slow. We thought about what supeheros might do that was quick. They fly! They run fast! 


Pitch - Superman

Next, we used instruments to make a superhero tune. We focussed on how to compose a tune with a high and low pitch and how to improve the tempo. 


In Art we were amazed at Bridget Riley 's art work. We used string to replicate the lines. Next, we carefully drew the lines and decided on our favourite design. We drew our favourite design using chalk onto black sugar paper and put it all together to create a class piece of work. We have also been inspired by the movement of water and Miss Jewsbury challenged us to work in groups to create a piece of art work to represent the water moving. 


We pray our school will be a place of great Adventure 

P.E, Geography 


P.E is taught by Mrs Farrington on Wednesday and Mrs Tongue on a Monday. Previously the children have been learning how to control a football and last half term children have learnt how to play Tag Rugby, they have learnt about how the ball is different shaped to a football and therefore involves a different way of controlling the ball. Children have enjoyed throwing and catching the ball and practising moving backwards with it.  


In Geography we have thought about 'What is it like here?' We looked at aerial photographs and spotted our school. We noticed that we had a birds eye view. A bit like how a pilot, bird and plane would have. 


On Monday 18th September, we welcomed parents to our Phonics evening. Don't worry if you missed it. The ppt is attached below. As well as some useful documents to use with your child. 


We have now started working on the Level 5 phonics. Look out for information coming home with your child weekly. This involves a summary of our phonics lesson and sometimes there will be a little activity to do as well. 


Art - making sculptures


This term in Art, the children have been practising lots of different skills involving paper folding and origami to create sculptures. They started off by making some cylinder shapes out of paper and have now moved on to making tree sculptures using all of the skills that they have developed.


Summer Term 2023

King Charles III Coronation picnic


We enjoyed making crowns for the King's Coronation and we wore them when we had our whole school picnic. It was really fun and the children were treated to a special visit from the King himself! (A big poster of the King)




Science - Plants


In Science, we are looking at Plants. We will be identifying and describing the basic structure of a variety of plants. The children helped to make some flowers using coloured paper for our Garden Centre role-play area. They are very excited about playing in the Garden Centre, using money and writing shopping lists.





Spring Term 2023




This term in Art we have been exploring primary and secondary colours and colour mixing. We have been looking at the work of Jasper Johns and Clarice Cliff to inspire us in our own art work.


We mixed primary colours to create secondary colours and we painted the numbers 0-9 in the style of Jasper Johns 'Numbers in Colour' art work. The children did a fantastic job!



We also enjoyed creating super masterpieces in the style of Clarice Cliff's 'Circle Tree' on a paper plate. The children used bright colours to create the circles and then used a paint blowing technique for the black tree.

Just look at how they turned out!





The 'Circle Tree' paper plate designs

World book day




Year 1 had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day by dressing up as characters from the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Their outfits were brilliant and they really looked the part!

Mardi Gras


To celebrate Mardi Gras (Shrove Tuesday), we dressed up in yellow, purple and green clothes for the day. Mardi Gras is the festival that takes place on the day before Ash Wednesday before Lent begins. The festivities of Mardi Gras can last for many days in the lead up to Ash Wednesday. One famous carnival takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Another one occurs in New Orleans, Louisiana. To join in with the festivities, we made Mardi Gras masks and we performed a 'pancake' song with Year 2 in our sharing assembly. 



Science week 2023


The theme for Science week this year is 'Making Connections'. We have talked about how we make connections every day and to explore this further, we have been like Scientists this morning and constructed bridges and tunnels from a range of materials. We had to think about how our toy car could get from one side to the other and how we would make sure or bridge or tunnel could be strong enough to hold the car.


We had great fun and worked together as a team with our partners. 



Amazing Places & Spaces


In Geography, we have been learning about the countries and capitals of the United Kingdom and looking at some of the physical and human features of the United Kingdom.

In our role-play area, we have created a Travel Agents shop for the children and they have loved it. They love packing the suitcase and choosing where they will be going in travel brochure.

Autumn Term 2022


Our theme for Autumn term is Superheroes and the text that we are looking at for this half term is 'Supertato'. The children have had great fun reading all of the 'Supertato' books and they have written character descriptions about Supertato and the Evil Pea. The children have been very imaginative and used junk modelling to design and create an Evil Pea trap. We also have a supermarket role-play area which the children have loved playing in as part of our continuous provision. 



We had a 'Superhero day', where the children were invited to dress as any Superhero they wanted. They had a SUPER day and we had a class full of marvel superheroes, as well as doctors, nurses and even Queen Elizabeth II. 




We have also been learning about real-life heroes from the past in our History lessons. In particular, we have been finding out about Grace Darling, Florence Nightingale, Queen Elizabeth II and Neil Armstrong.



As part of Science, we have been exploring how things change in the different seasons. We have been looking at the changes that happen during Autumn and we have been having lots of opportunities for play with autumnal and natural resources. We have had a go at making leaf-rubbing pictures in Art and using conkers and other natural materials in our maths continuous provision.


Bonfire night



We have been writing our own bonfire night poems in our English lessons and we have enjoyed making firework pictures for our poems. We used white chalk, cotton buds, paint and glitter on black card for effect and they looked absolutely spectacular!




Fire Safety talk


We were very lucky to have a special visit from the Fire Service. They did a special talk about fire safety and they showed us what clothing firefighters need to wear to protect themselves. Some of us volunteered to dress up in their protective clothing. They also taught us how to 'stop', 'drop' and 'roll'. 



Advent preparation day


We wore purple clothes for Advent preparation day and we made decorations to go on our Christmas tree in the school hall. Our class theme for our decorations was 'joy' so we chose to make pink and purple Angel decorations. We also made our Bambinelli (Baby Jesus') so that Father could bless them at our next mass. 





Nativity - A Miracle In Town


Year 1 worked incredibly hard and after weeks of rehearsals and practise, they did a brilliant job in their nativity performance of 'A Miracle in Town'. The children worked hard to learn the songs and learn their lines for the speaking parts and all of the adults in school were so proud of their brilliant performance. 




Making fruit salad faces


In DT, we have been learning about the differences between fruits and vegetables and how they grow. We tasted a variety of fruits and then had to compare 2 smoothies and guess what fruits were in them. We then designed our own fruit salad face and thought carefully about what fruits we were going to use to make our designs. Then we made our fruit salad faces and finally we enjoyed eating them!





Making puppets


We designed a Christmas puppet and thought about how we would decorate it. We started by cutting out 2 pieces of felt using a template and then we decorated them. Finally we glued the 2 pieces together with an adult's help.