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Welcome to the Governors' section. At St Joseph's we are blessed with a large and extremely committed Governing body, for which we are all very grateful. We meet regularly in smaller committees and as a whole governing body throughout the term. Our governors are our "critical friends" helping to ensure that we are developing the school effectively and providing value for money. If you'd like to talk to any of the governors about their role in school please fill in the contact form below or grab them for a chat on the playground.


Structure and Remit of the Governing Body

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School is a voluntary aided school. The Governing Body has the overall responsibility, under the Education Act 2002, for the conduct of the school, for promoting high standards of educational achievement, and for ensuring clarity of vision, Catholic ethos and strategic direction. The Headteacher is accountable to the Governing Body for the internal organisation, management and control, and the educational performance of the school and its pupils, as well as for the promotion of our Catholic and Gospel values and how successfully we place Christ at the Centre of all we do. The Governing Body has responsibility for the appointment of staff and has delegated this to the Headteacher for all staff below the Deputy Headteacher. 


Governors are responsible for overseeing the financial management of the school, making sure its money is well spent, and ensuring that St Joseph's Catholic Primary School has an effective and appropriate system of financial and management controls. The Governing Body has delegated the day to day responsibility to the Headteacher for ensuring that the systems conform with good financial management practices and with the appropriate financial regulations.


The names and term of office of the members of the Governing Body are shown in the Governor Interests and Information document below. Associate Governors are not included as they have no voting rights and don't attend meetings.


Our Mission Statement


The Governing body of St Joseph's Catholic Primary School created this mission prayer in collaboration with our school and parish. It defines our moral purpose and guiding principles for our learning community. We say this prayer every morning to remind us what we hope our school will be and our place in it.


We pray our school will be a place of great discovery, creativity and adventure. May it be a place where we love to learn and we learn to love. A place where everyone is respected and all are deeply valued. We ask all this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.







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Governor Interests & Appointment Information

Governor Profiles




Ann Coombes


I was very honoured to accept Fr. Brian's invitation to join the school's foundation governors team in December 2014.
Having a professional background in a healthcare service, I felt this experience would be of value to the role.  In addition with both my children attending St Josephs school I wanted to offer something back.

Spencer Payne

LA Governor


With two children at the school, I was keen to see if I could make a contribution and help the school continue to thrive. With my wife being a teacher and my own experience working closely with the local education authority, I hoped I may have some knowledge to bring to the role.

I have worked with and for the local education service for a number of years. My current role includes, among other things, responsibility for coordinating and analysing school attainment information. I've had experience in developing policies and managing projects in previous roles and, combined with my current work in education, hopefully have a useful blend of experience to bring to the role of governor.

Salvatore Monastero


I have very dear memories of St Joseph’s.  The school  had a very strong, positive influence on how I grew up.  So when the opportunity to become a Governor arose, I accepted as I wanted to actively support the school; children, staff and parents. 


I have bags of enthusiasm and commitment with a genuine interest in education and how a school works.  I enjoy the new challenges that we face together as a team.

Paul Hayden


My working career involved 38 years at Trinity Catholic School in Leamington.

Following retirement I wanted to use my experience to assist my grandchildren’s generation enjoy the benefits of an enjoyable formation experience that explores and values the life that Christ can bring to a community.

I have a lot of experience in Secondary Education but look forward to involving myself in the St. Joseph’s School community, supporting everyone’s efforts to encourage and develop the students in our care.  

Robert Lee


Given that I had two boys at St Joseph’s with a third due to join in September 2016, I was pleased to accept Father Brian’s offer to become a Governor in 2013.

I also felt that as a solicitor directly involved with running a local firm, Wright Hassall that I would be able to offer guidance where legal and business issues arose.             `

My three years as a Governor have been thoroughly rewarding, I have learnt much and look forward to continuing to enthusiastically support St Joseph’s in the years to come.

Craig Maloney

Elected Parent

I was very honoured to be elected as a Parent Governor in October 2016.  Having spent the last 15 years living in the Leamington area and soon to have both of my Children schooled at St Joseph’s, it is a real pleasure to contribute to such an inclusive and supportive community.  Hopefully my career history as an Energy Trader, Account Manager, Commercial Manager and most recently Business Change Manager have equipped me with the necessary skills and experience to effectively support the Leadership Team as we strive to provide an education and environment in which all of our Children can reach their full potential at St Joseph’s.

Anne Buttrum


I have a lot of affection for St Joseph’s because my son spent 7 happy years here.  During that time I was always keen to help out wherever possible, mainly by raising funds through the PTA and assisting with the Walking Bus. When I was approached about becoming a Governor it seemed a good opportunity to continue to help as well as being a practical way of repaying the school for all it has given our family.

My professional expertise is within Finance and business, and I expect to be able to use my skills and knowledge for the benefit of the school.   I think this will be particularly relevant given the current proposals for schools to become Academies, but I hope to be able to contribute in other areas too.



Claire Woolley


I have become a governor as I am keen to get involved in the work that goes on outside of the classroom to ensure that the children at St Joseph’s have the very best school experience possible. I am an enthusiastic teacher with experience in teaching across all year groups in a number of different schools for more years than I care to remember! I hope to be able to use this experience in my new role to help St Joseph’s to continue to thrive as well as to increase my understanding of how a good school runs. 

Alex Jamison


I was honoured to be asked to join St Joseph’s school Governors in autumn 2018.  I am a Foundation Governor, so I aim to support the link between St Josep’s Parish church and the school.  I have two daughters currently attending St Joseph’s, thus.  have a strong desire to understand and support the many challenges our teachers and children face everyday.  I live and work locally in the NHS and know that St Joseph’s is very much part of the Whitnash community.  I hope that in my time as a Governor I can help to support and strengthen its already high standards of education for our children.
Anne-Marie Brennan My two children attended St Joseph’s and both enjoyed the strong community and benefited from the excellent teaching.  I was a member of the PTA when they were younger and often helped to run stalls or help out at events.  My background is in medical research management within higher education: I have worked in a number of different roles in this area and I have always been interested in organisational structure and management.  I was honoured to be invited to join as a Foundation Governor and to continue my support for St Joseph’s in this role.


What is the role of a Governor?


The Governors of a Catholic school work as a team, in close co-operation with the Headteacher and all staff. All Governors and staff contribute to the Catholic character of the school and the Catholic nature of the education provided, as set out in its mission statement.

If you are interested in becoming a Governor the application form is available for download below. Being a Governor is a rewarding "job" and it requires commitment, time and a sense of humour. There is currently one vacancy (foundation governor) on the Full Governing Body.