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Year 4

Hello Year 4 and welcome back for a new school year.  Your classroom this year will be in the

KS 2 corridor.  Your teacher is Mrs McCarthy again! Also working with you is Miss Cousins and Mr Weston and Mrs Adkins.  Our topic this term is called Off with their heads! where we will be learning all about The Tudors.

Picture 1
Picture 1

Our art lesson is all about the Tudors, looking closely at Tudor portraits.

Summer Term

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Year 4 will be studying the Ancient Egyptians this term. We will find out how this incredible nation designed amazing pyramids, created hieroglyphics and why they chose to mummify people and animals.

In English, we will be looking at different genre and will begin with looking at text from different cultures.

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Year 4 were visited by two players from Warwick University Ladies Rugby Team. They shared their knowledge with the class and introduced them to Tag Rugby.