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Year 3

We Are Explorers

We Are Explorers 1
We Are Explorers 2
We Are Explorers 3

Christmas has arrived in Year 3!!

Christmas has arrived in Year 3!! 1
Christmas has arrived in Year 3!! 2

The Rosary

The Rosary 1
The Rosary 2
The Rosary 3
The Rosary 4

Drone Day!!

Drone Day!! 1
Drone Day!! 2
Drone Day!! 3
Drone Day!! 4
Drone Day!! 5
Drone Day!! 6
Drone Day!! 7
Drone Day!! 8
Drone Day!! 9

Kinver Edge Adventure!!

Kinver Edge Adventure!!   1 We found a caveman called Charlie!!
Kinver Edge Adventure!!   2 Exploring the caves.
Kinver Edge Adventure!!   3 Looking for mammoths and sabre tooth tigers!


We had an adventure at Kniver Edge.  We explored the hills and caves where stoneage men lived and we ate lunch at Nanny Rock. There was no raw meat on the menu though only sandwiches!  We walked for miles up and down hills with sticks we had found to help us.  When we reached the top we could see for miles.


Our adventure had not ended there though and on the way home our coach broke down and we had to wait for a replacement bus!  We waited a long time but the driver had supplies of water and the coach had a toilet on board.  Unfortunately we had all ate our sweets on the way to Kniver Edge in the morning so no snacks.  When we arrived back our parents looked really pleased to see us!

Glow In The Moonlight Walk

Glow In The Moonlight Walk 1
Izzy and Charlie completed the Glow in the Moonlight walk on Saturday 16th September in aid of Myton Hospice.  They showed Year 3 their well earned medals and a photo of them with their glow in the moonlight make up.  Well done!!

Making Vertical and Horizontal Lines Maths Investigations