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Year 3

Roman Defenders

Roman Defenders 1
Roman Defenders 2
Roman Defenders 3
Roman Defenders 4

Making Roman Temples

Making Roman Temples 1
Making Roman Temples 2
Making Roman Temples 3
Making Roman Temples 4
Making Roman Temples 5
Making Roman Temples 6

Quad Sports At Edmonscote

Quad Sports At Edmonscote 1
Quad Sports At Edmonscote 2
Quad Sports At Edmonscote 3
Quad Sports At Edmonscote 4
Quad Sports At Edmonscote 5
Quad Sports At Edmonscote 6
Quad Sports At Edmonscote 7

Sports Certificates

Sports Certificates 1

Foundry Wood Visit

Foundry Wood Visit 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Wasps Netball

Wasps Netball 1
Wasps Netball 2
Wasps Netball 3
Wasps Netball 4
Wasps Netball 5
Wasps Netball 6
Wasps Netball 7
Wasps Netball 8
Wasps Netball 9
Wasps Netball 10

Cadbury World, Birmingham

Cadbury World, Birmingham 1
Cadbury World, Birmingham 2
Cadbury World, Birmingham 3
Cadbury World, Birmingham 4
Cadbury World, Birmingham 5
 On Tuesday 28th of March years 2 and 3 travelled to Cadbury World in Birmingham.  We learnt where chocolate comes from and how it is made and also all about the Cadbury company. We sampled chocolate (in the name of research) and enjoyed all the days activities but especially  the free chocolate!

St Patricks Day Celebrations

St Patricks Day Celebrations 1
St Patricks Day Celebrations 2
St Patricks Day Celebrations 3

Rainforest Drama

Rainforest Drama 1 I'm a tree!
Rainforest Drama 2 We are travelling to the rainforest.

Rainforest Creatures

Rainforest Creatures 1
Rainforest Creatures 2
Rainforest Creatures 3
Rainforest Creatures 4

Ice-Cream Crazy!!

Ice-Cream Crazy!! 1 Yum Yum!
Ice-Cream Crazy!! 2 Not too sure about the grass flavour!