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Year 3



This year your teacher will be Miss Styles. Our fabulous Teaching Assistants will be Mrs O'Reilly (Tues and Thurs mornings) and Miss Kearns (Weds mornings).


Our topic this term is 'Stone Me'. Last week we made fabulous cave art drawings for our Super Start using brown paper and charcoal. We explored pictures of cave art from the Stone age and how they used natural materials to create their drawings.





Cave Art Painting

Healthy minds and bodies day


Yesterday we wore our P.E kits to school for healthy minds and bodies day. We spent the morning finding out about how to keep our minds healthy by taking part in a guided meditation and coming up with ways to manage stress.


We also completed our first session of Marathon Kids and challenged ourselves to complete as many laps as possible. We were super motivated and completed lots of laps as a class! This really warmed our bodies up too! Then we did a Joe Wicks workout in the hall with all of KS2. This was really fun (and hardwork!)


In the afternoon we looked at the Eat-well plate and talked about healthy food and why it is important. We made healthy wraps and tasted them after.




Column addition with Cheerios!


This week year 3 have been consolidating column addition, so to help us with carrying we used Cheerios to help us visualise it. We found that this really helped us to carry out the process mentally afterwards. We also had fun doing it!!!

Adding with Cheerios!